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joyful, free, sisterly, sincere

Kat is the founder and host of 'Those Who Hope' - a podcast all about equipping people with a deep and unwavering sense of confidence through the power of testimony, anchored in the knowledge that God is with THEM through every challenge and uncertainty, leaving them with peace and joy in whatever life circumstance they encounter.

She wanted her brand to feel vibrant & joyful, balanced with an appreciation for the deep richness to the power of 'hope' - all whilst building intimate community and siblinghood between herself, the ones she interviews, and her audience. There were a lot of meaningful symbols that she wanted to incorporate too. Her vision was so rich, we decided we couldn't leave any of it out, but instead of literal elements for each one, we chose one core image to run with - the eagle with an olive branch - and incorporated the *feelings* each one gave to create an overall vibe - a rich tropical oasis & sunset through color, the waves of life through a simple border pattern, and Bible verses that were meaningful to her through abstract shapes in her brand pattern.


Those Who Hope


Those Who Hope Business Card
Those Who Hope Business Card Back
Ocean Depths
Those Who Hope Branding
Woman talking on podcast
Hope Shimmers
Soft Like Butter
Those Who Hope Branding Mobile Social Media Template
Those Who Hope Submark Dove
Those Who Hope Book Name Brand
Warming Light
Those Who Hope Submark Dove
Those Who Hope Branding Notebook
Those Who Hope Podcast Branding
Those Who Hope Mobile Social Media Template Branding
Cool Evening Sky
Those Who Hope Mobile Social Media Template Branding

My experience working with Katie has been truly amazing. It is hard to put into words how in awe I am of everything that she has achieved for my business...


I feel confident in the professionalism of my brand and the way it is so personally crafted, I believe that it is going to help me not only to grow the reach of my business, but to personally serve each client with meeting their needs at the forefront, from a love and care filled perspective.

Kat Markham, Theose Who Hope

Are you ready to blaze new trails with a *soul- aligned *
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