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As soon as she described her brand as 'secret garden meets Narnia' I was sold.


Marly Grace (also know as MG) is a Christian content creator & podcast host. She seeks to be a sister to post-college women who are struggling to manage their walk with the Lord amongst the new demands of adult life. Through her show and content she hopes bring them to a place of rooted strength, empowering them to independently embrace maturing faith, & build holistically-Jesus-centred adult lives alongside like-minded women.


We created a brand experience that made her audience feel like they were being invited in to her cozy cottage for a cup of tea by the fire - making the way she makes her audience feel tangible, meaningful to her brand's message, and memorable. The jewel-tones showcase her vibrant personality whilst carrying an air of maturity and thoughtfulness - characteristics she wanted to bring her across in her show. 


Marly Grace



inviting, enriching, nurturing, vibrant

Marly Grace Brand Pattern Hand drawn graphics
Beloved Pages
Marly Grace - Branding Texture and Graphics - Vintage Wallpaper and Handdrawn Bow
Woman spinning in velvet dress with bow in her hair
Woman sipping on tea by the fire
Home's Heart
Olive Grove
Marly Grace Hand Drawn Tea Cup
Marly Grace Alternate Logo
Marly Grace Pink Cap with Branding Ico
Marly Grace Blue Notebook
Kind Kinship
Marly Grace Social Media Templates Mobile Brand Design
Riches of Joy
The Marly Grace Show Branding
Deep Reflection

Working with Katie is a true delight. Her attention to detail and creative genius made it so easy to tell her to just take the project into her hands. I loved how thorough her brand strategy presentation was and how it perfectly took things I had been struggling to verbalize about my brand and made it come to life.

Thank you Katie for your diligence and expertise. I am in love with my brand.

Marly Grace, The Marly Grace Show
Marly Grace

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