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But what's your *real * job?

Yep, we've all heard that one before...
Katie - Huzellig Design Co.s brand and web designer and founder

Creativity is often relegated to the sidelines, that it's just a hobby, that you can't make a stable income from it. The skeptics do have a point - the world doesn't really set you up for success. But that's why you've decided to blaze your own trail instead, and that's why you're here.


We're not about punching the clock; we're artisans, dream-crafters, aspiring captains of industry on a mission - to create the life we want to live by doing what we love. 

And that's why I became a brand + web designer: to redefine the status quo. To join my fellow creatives in their journey of turning their creative passions into thriving businesses by helping them craft a solid foundation for their brand and business to stand upon as they show up boldly in the world.

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We're all about hooking you up with true-to-soul brand and web design that

crushes imposter syndrome, helps you navigate your next steps as a creative entrepreneur, and frees you up to focus on creating the life that you love by effortlessly attracting your dream clients.

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Katie - Huzellig Design Co.s brand and web designer and founder

I'm so Glad
You're Here

I'm Katie, your dream chasing wingwoman who learned the *hard* way that creative dreams can indeed become reality...

From a young age, creativity has been my trusty sidekick. Whether wielding a paintbrush, creating baked goods, diving into DIY projects, or - let's be real here - designing homes in Sims, I found huge amounts of joy in creating.

But not unlike many creatives, school and - eventually college - pushed me into an academic corner, where I was made to feel that my creative passions didn't belong and wouldn't amount to anything. So when the pandemic hit, I wasn't one of those "start a new business and change your life" folks, although I would watch in awe as creatives around me would rediscover their creative passions and make a new life for themselves with it.


Instead, my dreams felt buried. It took two soul-sucking jobs + a quarter life crisis to finally realize that life was too short to be living on the sidelines. 

*I decided to take life into my own hands*

My Dutch husband introduced me to the untranslatable word 'gezellig' (pronounced hu-zell-ig): the feeling of being where you love, doing what you love whilst being with the people that you love.


Not only had I been yearning for that without realising it, but so many of my fellow creatives long for the same thing as they turn their creative passion into a creative business. That's when brand and web design became my jam — an industry that uniquely equips me to be your dream-chasing wingman. Now, whether wielding a stylus, creating true-to-soul brand suites, diving into creative directions, or designing clients' homes on the web, my mission remains steadfast: to strategically + authentically capture your brand visually to attract those dream clients of yours whilst feeling that 'gezellig' feeling as you turn your creative dreams into reality.

Onward + Outwards



The Story
Katie - Huzellig Design Co.'s brand and web designer and founder

*Don't see your industry? No problemo! I'm all about discovering fresh possibilities. Fill out the application form and I'll let you know if we'd make a great fit.

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I am so incredibly thankful for her services. Katie's made this entire experience so enjoyable and fun, kept me updated throughout the entire process and really listened to what I wanted, even when I couldn’t find the right words to describe it myself! In all of her amazing work and efforts she encapsulated my vision so beautifully and perfectly! Everything is beyond stunning!!
Priscilla, Priscilla Eden Photography

Are We Friends Yet?

Katie - Huzellig Design Co.'s brand and web designer and founder polaroid
I'm notorious for binge-watching...


Ever After followed by Pride & Prejduice

If I could teleport anywhere for a day, I'd choose...

Oahu, Hawaii - hands down!

The best piece of advice I've ever received:

You can fix a problem without worrying about it

My favourite way to un-wind from a long day at work is...

Cooking with a cozy playlist - it's a total vibe!

If I had to create a signature ice cream flavor it would be called:

'Salty Granola Glory'

salted caramel, trail mix & Reeses cups

If my life had a movie soundtrack, the top three songs would be:

Perfect Day - Haru, Good Love Groove - The Red Hands, & Lovebug - the Jonas Brothers

Katie - Huzellig Design Co.'s brand and web designer and founder
Meet the Designer
Huzellig Design Co. Kicking Imposter Syndrome to the Curb
Our Client
Bucket List*








Are you ready to blaze new trails with a *soul- aligned *
brand + website?

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